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What You Should Know About the Parrot Anafi Drone

by Gavin Tyler
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Founder Henri Seydoux founded the Parrot drone company in 1994. That’s all about fun with features in mind. Indeed, this is not the greatest or fastest photography option. But, the Parrot always understands how to be prominent.

Another example of this statement is the new Parrot Anafi, a mainstream drone mapping services with style. We have got hands-on one with having run it through different performance tests. A few quirks are out there. But, for the most part, the drone has set the bar high.

That means we have tested this drone and found it better than many others in many terms. We’re also going to share them with this new release for its different features. So, before you look for drone aerial services, let’s know more about this Parrot Anafi Drone.

Notable Features

Indeed, the Parrot Anafi is one of the small drones that have been made for simple travel. This one has equipped with a 4K camera that has HDR capabilities. Also, you’ll get a lossless, latest digital zoom with a tilt of 180-degree. We have spent several hours testing this camera.

We can tell that it’s quite intriguing to have a bi-axis gimbal: why does Parrot only mechanically stabilize two-axis rather than three-axis? Well, the results are smooth.

But, you don’t move the drone unexpectedly; it can you scarcely be questioned. The camera is zoomed: in 4K up to 1.4x, or in full HD up to 2.8x. The zoom is promising; it works well, and let’s get you creative for a drone that costs less than 1000$.

180-degree tilt

Another remarkable feature of this drone is its 180-degree tilt. It has upwards facing camera that’s really cool feature. For example, DJI cameras can only be titled a little, and you’ll see propellers if you do. The Parrot Anafi is obviously superior at this point.


The build quality is of this drone that we can say is modest. However, you at least get many smart modes that are helpful for you to get shots with skill.

There are some options, including Orbit, Dolly Zoom, waypoint, Hyperlapse, and Slow motion. You can go with these along with its standard auto-follow.

Performs Of the Parrot Anafi

Firstly, the drone we go for review was not flyable. Indeed it was dead. The second thing is: it had screwed with the propeller setting, which was in the wrong direction. That’s why the drone was dead and flips. These can tell you many things about its QC.

One of the most interesting ones with the Anafi could hold him in your hands and watch him lift off. This makes filming incorrectly a lot easier because a separate controller does not have to be brought with you.

Compared with other drone manufacturers, the overall constructed quality is mediocre. That means you have some starting abilities to operate drones already. Since it is a tiny and light drone, you must be in a position to gauge the wind with a certain degree of precision.

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