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Producing Video For Social Media – What You Must Know About

by Gavin Tyler
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Today, in the internet era, social networking constitutes the locus of public discourse as well as the pool of content and advertising. Among the most engaging types of channels in social media is video which is increasingly gaining in popularity and shelf life. 

If it only takes a short clip or a longer full-length feature film, videos are really good in holding the audience’s attention and communicating the information appropriately. 

In this blog post, novel insights on the principal facets of producing video content for social media platforms will be provided. So, continue reading before you look for animated explainer video services

Understanding Your Audience

Primarily, you have to set the pace of video production by knowing how much attention your audience spends on videos and how they engage. Engaging in research and obtaining insights about your target segment will assist you address their hug needs. 

Discriminate the content variety that appeals to them and the platforms they upload on; check what keeps them engaged. 

Through understanding your audience, you will be able to produce the relevant and catchy videos for them, so that audience will view them, engage and leave a comment.

Length And Format Of Video Is The Key

Social media calls for the use of different tools and techniques, thus knowing and meeting the specifications and best practices of the platform are crucial when making videos for social media channels. 

Every platform requires a different length time of a video and its format, which is liked by its target users the most. Basic example: Short-form video thrives on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

While long form is better on YouTube or Facebook. Though, in the fashion of these social media platforms, optimizing videos for smartphone viewing is also very important because more than half of the users view content via their phone.

Creating Compelling Content

It is engaging through the creation of expressive and shareable content that the secret to making successful social media videos. The first step will be by writing engaging hooks that make them stick. It is the beginning that matters. It is the mystery that intrigues. 

Story tells it all! The opening shots, the question or the intriguing story, just spend the few seconds of the video, and you’re done. Moreover, provide value to your potential customer’s by means of entertaining, educate, or inspiration. 

The audiovisual messaging should be concise and well-structured, so you can make a great impact and include images, text overlays, and music too to make the viewing good.

Engaging With Your Audience

Social networking is about people communicating with each other and establishing relationships. Therefore, content should be thoughtfully created and honest. Stimulate the sharing of the video by having a call-to-action in your videos where the viewers can react by liking, commenting, sharing, tagging friends. 

It is recommended that talk runs of some interesting polls, Q&A sessions or the live session is on now for the purpose of real-time interactive engagement with your audience. 

Via constantly conversating with your listeners and developing healthy relationships with your audience, you will thus be able to create a strong fan following and advertise your brand on social media.

Measuring Success And Iterating

In the aftermath of your shooting, and videos were live for animated video explainer, it is key to monitor their performance ad find out where you may want to make tweaks as you go. 

Almost all of the social medium apps have built-in analytics tools to show numbers regarding such aspects as views, engagement, and audience structure. 

Analyze the gathered data in order to identify the aspects resulting in satisfactory results and those that still need improvement. Try out different kinds of content, timing, and promotional tools, to make your video work at its best.


Creating social media videos involves planning, designing, recording, and editing through imagination, strategy, and knowledge of your audience at the same time. 

With the know-how your audience and their expectations, your video length and format should be optimized for maximum impact. You must create content that is insightful and compelling to engage your audience with real-time feedback. 

If you measure the success of a video by monitoring its engagement, you can produce impactful videos that strike your viewers and increase their engagement levels. 

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