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Simple Checklist for Starting E-Commerce Business

by Gavin Tyler
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Here are the important things to consider when you start an e-commerce business according to credible ecommerce web design New York services.

1. Ecommerce Store Name

The first thing is to choose the name for your e-commerce store. Do some research and come up with creative names that represent the business nature as well as purpose. An attractive name can be very helpful when it comes to marketing the e-commerce store.

2. Secure the Domain

Then you should choose the domain name. Make sure the domain name is what your company name is like Amazon has site amazon.com. Try to get with dotcom because this is the best domain name and gets easily ranked and viral.

3. Business License and Permits

You will need to apply for license and permits. You can find details about the state and local rules for business from the concerned authorities. Finish these things quickly. Apply if you have any patents so that you can use them before anyone else does.

4. Right Ecommerce Solution

There are multiple ecommerce solutions according to ecommerce web design New York services. WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion and such other platforms are really good for ecommerce websites and online stores. Choose the best of these.

5. Build and Design the Site

When you are done with choosing the right site option, you have to design the site. Hire some best web design company who can provide you with the dream online store website. Get creative and make the site user-friendly and simple for customers.

6. Go Mobile Friendly

You must have a desktop version of the site as well as the site should have a mobile version. Most of the users use their phone browsers so they want the ecommerce sites to help them in finding right products, making payments and in checking out. Special focus should be given to make the site mobile friendly.

7. Launch Ecommerce App

Taking your online store further, you can launch a web app. The app name should be the business name. With the app, you can make it even further simpler and more convenient for the customers to browse products, choose items, get information and purchase anything.

8. Add Payment Options

This is one of the most important things you need for an ecommerce website as pointed out by a ecommerce web design New York service There are many payment options. Your site should support PayPal, Skrill, credit cards, and debit cards from all the local banks. The international clients should be given PayPal or Apple Pay option for buying products from your online store. 

9. Find the Right Vendors

You will need vendors to get products. The manufacturers should be chosen carefully as scams and fraud is common in online stores. Make it impossible for the vendors to deliver fake products to the customers as it will affect your brand reputation and company image badly.

10. Market Your Ecommerce Store

When you are done with everything, market your e-commerce business. Use SEO, social media and networking sites for business promotions. Run ads and make sure you reach the right audience. Marketing will help you attract more target customers and users.

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