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WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla vs Magento

by Gavin Tyler
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We have created this post to show comparison of the four content management systems. We will also talk about their pros and cons, best features and why they are best for certain people.


It is believed WordPress is one of the first CMS that people used for developing websites. Now millions of users have their sites on WordPress and it continues to grow with the passage of time. It is best for simple news, and other websites. It also offers a lot of features that make it easy to use.

Over 30% of the websites in the world have been developed with this platform and it also powers 27% of the plugins of online stores. What makes WordPress so popular and widely used is the user-friendly interface, easy using process, a lot of plugins, customization options, many useful features and free tools.


This is another really powerful content management system. But this is not for everyone was said by Drupal development Melbourne services. People with special and technical skills can use Drupal to develop the websites. Experts believe Drupal is best for creating complex and technical websites and this is the reason everyone can’t use it.

Most of the media, education, university and government websites are developed on Drupal. It is amazing for creating stunning but bigger websites. It can easily manage huge traffic but for that you will huge servers. With over 2500 themes and lots of plugins, Drupal offers all customization features to make your cool and attractive website and also if you select the right Drupal development Melbourne service.


Joomla is another amazing CMS used for creating stunning websites. It is somehow complex when compared with WordPress but less complex than Drupal. It has a number of themes and plugins but options are not as much as in WordPress. According to the developers, this platform is best for creating community websites.

The websites with millions of registered users need more data and heavy servers so Joomla can best handle such websites. Many people prefer Joomla over all other CMS because it offers to impose permissions for specific groups. So if you need a cool and secure website, Joomla can be the perfect option. It is not as popular as WordPress but has more features and better security.


This content management system is dubbed as “born for e-commerce” websites. People who have online business and their customers do online shopping, make payments and other things- Magento is best for such websites. It offers so many new features that other systems don’t offer. It is easy to integrate and use for anyone.

It has been acquired by eBay and comes in three versions; free, enterprise and business. It is an open source platform and this is the reason it is really popular and widely used. Every single e-commerce website in the world is based on Magento because of its great features for e-commerce sites. So in short, if you want to make an online store, Magento is the only option for you. For other sites, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal can be the best options.

So, choose the one which your Long Island web design agency recommends you according to the nature of your website.

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