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7 Must Do Things After Cycling

by Gavin Tyler
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Whether you are a professional cyclist, have a love for bike riding or just want to show off your Specialized road bikes; a good long ride can leave you tired and breathless. While cycling can make a big difference in your fitness level, all that workout only bears fruit if you manage to recover properly.

Do not worry if you don’t know how because we have compiled a list of things that you must do after cycling.

1. Clean Up Behind You

Yes, I understand that you were tired after such a long ride and you just dragged yourself into the house. But this does not mean that you can leave your gear lying around the hallway, kitchen, staircase or anywhere else. I mean, why let anyone call you a lazy bum after you’ve just come back from a grueling activity?

2. Eat Up!

Now that you have cleaned up the mess and put away your stuff, it’s time to re-energize yourself with a well-deserved meal. Cycling not only takes away a lot of energy but also allows you to dwell into your guiltiest pleasure of eating. There is a catch, however. According to fitness experts, it is advisable to a eat protein filled meal within half an hour of any form of exercise.

3. Get a Nap

Another great thing, yay! Cyclists hammer themselves away on the bike because it’s fun. If you fall in that category and rarely get any other form of exercise than cycling then you need to relax your back by sitting straight for a while. But even sitting straight can be too much for a tired body and makes catching a nap a better option. After all, recovery is just as important as exercise.

4. Brag About It

What’s all the effort worth if you can’t rub it in the face of your lazy colleagues and friends, right? And what better way to do it then uploading your route and other stats on the social media. The efforts might end up encouraging and motivating someone to follow in the same footsteps, you never know!

5. Take a Shower

Cycling causes the body to sweat and sweaty people smell bad (duh!). The solution, take a shower and wash all that sweat away. It’ll leave you feeling and looking fresh, ready to conquer another task. Go ahead, try it.

6. Wash Your Clothes

Remember all that talk about sweat and bad smell, well it wasn’t only limited to your body. Your cycling jersey wouldn’t be smelling any better than you if you don’t wash it. So, turn on the washing machine, put your cycling kit in and watch all the sweat and smell wash away.

7. Clean the Bike

Like the family, your bike also deserves your attention. And after riding it for a while it is probably covered in mud, dust, and whatnot. Show some affection towards your loving bike by cleaning it up and preparing it for your next adventure together. Besides, who in his good mind would leave his Specialized road bikes looking dirty? We thought so.

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