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15 Interesting Facts About NBN

by Gavin Tyler
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National Broadband Network (NBN) is a project started by the federal government of Australia to provide every household with a stable, fast and reliable internet connection. The details of the project and facts will be discussed here below. The government planned that all old, outdated and slow internet connections will be replaced with NBN that’s why now you can enjoy the internet with low NBN $300 connection fee. Keeping reading to find some interesting facts about NBN.

Interesting Facts About NBN

  1. NBN was planned back in 2009. It was considered that 90% of Australia will be connected by Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) with a D/L speed of 100mbps. However, it did not happen and there are various reasons for why it failed.
  2. As we know governments are changed in all countries after every new election, so was the case in Australia. The government changed and the new policy was devised that included six delivery modes. FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, HFC, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite are the new modes that make NBN a serious Multi-Technology Mix.
  3. According to reports of early 2017, around 2 million Australian homes are connected to the connection and they are enjoying stable internet connections.
  4. The report also highlighted that 28,000 people sign up every week for the NBN internet connections.
  5. People are not told how and where the connection will be installed. It depends on the NBN Co. and they decide where a device will be installed. The technicians are hired to maintain reliability and a working connection for every house.
  6. In the last quarter of 2016, a website found that 2.4 million Australians didn’t even try to check if NBN could be installed in their areas and that makes 13% of the total population.
  7. One in ten Australian with access to NBN has not been provided with the NBN connection so far.
  8. 31% Population that was surveyed said they don’t care about the NBN and if it is a faster internet connection.
  9. Tasmania was the first state to get NBN connections so they are ahead of all in everything like cheapest unlimited mobile plan.
  10. The experts say even the NBN Co. promised every house in the country will get NBN connections but it seems impossible. There are some areas where NBN can’t provide the connections and they are not interested either.
  11. There are around 10,000 premises that will not be connected with NBN before 2020.
  12. In 2016, the complaint rate regarding NBN connections was 148% and the NBN Co. doesn’t care about it. The network is growing slowly instead of the pace it was supposed to develop at.
  13. Bundaberg in Queensland had the most number of complaints. The people of the area submitted the most number of complaints regarding NBN connections.
  14. And a report also revealed that most complaints were regarding installation, speed, and dropouts. The NBN was supposed to provide the best quality and fast internet connections but people are complaining about the speed.
  15. The users and customers who submitted reports also told that the NBN Co. is not responsible for the speed and quality. The company just installs and provides the connection in whatever form they have.

Now that you know about NBN, get your connection with NBN $300 connection fee.

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