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Things to Know About Google Assistant for Smart Home

by Gavin Tyler
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Today, we’ll show you a few amazing tricks you can do with Google Assistant. As you are probably aware, Google Assistant is a voice assistant. It includes smartphones (Android or Google Pixel) and smart speakers.

You’ll get the same hands-free convenience whether you use your AI-powered companion on a Google Home speaker or your phone. You’ll also benefit from Google’s powerful search capabilities, which outperform Alexa’s.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some practical methods to get the most out of Google Assistant on a range of devices. Therefore, before you look for the best smart thermostat, let’s know the things about Google Assistant.

Locate Your Phone

Some things are more infuriating than looking for your phone just as you’re about to leave the house. As long as you have a Google Home smart speaker connected, Google Assistant can assist you in locating it.

Ask Google to locate your phone, and your virtual butler will dial it. Even if your phone has set to Do Not Disturb or Silent mode, this hack will still function.

Voice Commands to Open Apps

Do you lead a hectic lifestyle and have a busy online presence? If you want to access programs like Gmail, you may do so simply asking Google Assistant to do so. This is a nice addition if you enjoy the thought of checking your email for a key incoming message.

It is while you’re working in the kitchen with unclean hands. It’s especially useful if you’re on the run and attempting to accomplish many tasks at once. If the first two suggestions are simple, they are also really useful, so add them to your arsenal.

Start Your Day Nicely

Use Google Assistant to help you get started in the morning without having to reach for an alarm clock. On the most basic level, your digital assistant can wake you up as instructed. If you don’t like standard alarm tones, Google Assistant can play songs from your music services or specialized playlists.

For the first few minutes, listen to anything calming. Next, ask your smart speaker to boost your energy levels to get you going for the day. You may use Google Routines to have your alarm trigger additional tasks.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Smart Home

With a Google Home device, a central hub, and a few smart products for the home, you have the foundation of an expanding ecosystem with hands-free control that streamlines operation beautifully.

You’re only limited here by your desire and the amount of gadgets you have. Most smart speaker consumers’ primary use case is likely to be smart home control. Is this how you like to use Google Assistant?

Allow Google Assistant to read the news to you

Would you be a late riser in the morning? If so, how would you like your digital butler to start your day by reading you the news and weather? Simply press the Home button, then react with “Good morning” when the pop-up prompt displays.

Google Assistant will welcome you by name before breaking down the weather forecast so you can plan your day. The news from your handpicked sources will then be read to you by your virtual assistant. This may customize to say “Good afternoon” or “Good evening,” with your AI butler acting appropriately for the time of day.

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