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Crucial Font Pairing CheatSheet for Web Designers

by Gavin Tyler
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Font pairing is among the most underappreciated components of graphic wordpress design services. The significance of using original and innovative fonts is growing by the day.

Sadly, this makes it difficult for graphic designers to select the correct font combination to make the design appear more aesthetically attractive. For this, we’ve compiled the ultimate font matching cheat sheet.

It will assist designers in selecting the perfect fonts for their design. Therefore, before you look for Long Island Web Design Company, let’s begin!

Recognize the Font Language

The art of typography is extensive and intricate. You may not be an expert in this field, but you should be familiar with the fundamental words and font types. It will help you better comprehend this tutorial and empower you to make better decisions while working with typefaces.

If there are more comprehensive font classifications, understanding the above should be sufficient to help you optimize font matching.

With this, it will be beneficial if you learn a few other typographic words, such as kerning, glyph, stem, counter, and so on. So, this advanced knowledge will assist you in better identifying typefaces.

Determine the Content Style

Any typeface may use in any design. The use of any font must be supported by a well-thought-out logic and design idea. It has often determined by the content’s style, intended audience, and purpose. As a designer, you must first understand the material and people you are attempting to connect with.

So, content might be instructional and lengthy, or commercial with a brief call to action. Alternatively, the design is tied to sports or women’s cosmetics. In these circumstances, the typefaces chosen must be compatible with the content style.

Make Use of Complementary Font Styles

Now we understand the various sorts of typefaces and the different kinds of demands. We can figure out how to best combine them. As a general guideline, it is best to match font styles that compliment one another.

For headlines where you want to catch the reader’s attention, use a display or comical font type. Then, for paragraph content, you should use basic and clear typefaces. So, a bold, hefty font style will always appear better with a thinner, more refined typeface. 

Kerning’s Influence Should Not Underestimate

Kerning means the gap between every letter of the text’s characters. It’s not like all characters have created equal. Many have long strokes, while others have short extenders.

The amount of space between each character has determined by the font style’s developer. It is not always the case for all letters. Instead, they have allotted a certain space based on the letter so that the letters seem visually beautiful when utilized in words.

Never Sacrifice Legibility

It should be the number zero rule in this case. This is not a matter how great or creative font you have collected. All of them would be waste if the readers can’t read the text. There is a basic purpose of adding text.

It’s that you like to make a communication with your readers. When your readers can’t read the text, you’ll not be able to get success. Also, you should avoid one more thing. That’s to avoid using handwritten or detailed fonts. It’s because they’re very small in size.

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