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9 Useful Patient Retention Strategies

by Gavin Tyler
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Below are the steps that work when it comes to client retention.

1. Create Welcome Desk

There is a need of a welcome desk for the patients. Purpose of the welcome desk is not just decoration but to provide patients with relevant guide. They will be provided with information how the process works, where they will get what services and what they should do first. Make the process easy for the patients.

2. Every Encounter Matters

In a hospital, there are different counters like reception, management, medicine counter, lab desk, report desk and others. Patients must be provided with all the required help and facilities. You can improve client retention rate if you facilitate them with right information by using medical imaging storage solutions, and offer them technical as well as moral support.

3. Treat Patients with Respect

It has been seen that staff at reception, pharmacists, lab attendants, radiologists and even doctors misbehave with patients. How can you expect such patients to visit your hospital again when you failed to offer them services and respect them? Respect is important. No matter who the person is, you have to be careful.


4. Pay Attention to their Concerns

Many patients are always wandering in hospitals looking for labs, test sections, where to deposit fees, where to get lab reports and where the pharmacy is located. These are the common concerns of patients that must be resolved. Patients might also have trouble in accessing their data, which can be facilitated by using better medical imaging storage solutions and RIS healthcare solutions. Hospital staff should take care of the patients and make every process easy for them.

5. Resolve their Issues

Listening to the concerns and paying attention to their issues is not enough. Rather, the problems of the patients should be solved graciously. It will make you win their hearts and they will be more than happy to visit your hospital again. They will have trust in you, the staff and the services provided.

6. Take Great Care of Schedule

Doctors as well as nurses and other staff should take utmost care of their schedules. Patients are already worried and stressed so they should not be made to wait for hours. Relevant section staff should entertain the patients on time and help them get treatment timely with their data by using medical imaging storage solutions.

7. Visit Your Patients Individually


There should be regular visits by the senior doctors, head of departments and chairman. Such things inculcate hope in the patients and they realize even the senior doctors care for their problems and are determined to help them out in this time of trouble.

8. Be Empathic and Helpful

Speaking few words of affection will not cost you anything. Doctors and other healthcare staff should be polite, show empathy and prove supportive for the patients. Little acts like these matter the most for the patients who are heartbroken, dejected and in stress.

9. Get Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is essential when you want to improve your hospital services, increase the client retention rate and attract new clients. When a patient leaves the hospital, they should be asked about their experience, feedback and what they recommend for improving the services.

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