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Which Features Smartphones Should Have in 2019?

by Gavin Tyler
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Smartphones have become as essential for us now as oxygen is. We understand that many of you might disagree with this statement of ours but, to be honest, you would only be lying to yourselves. These devices hold so much computing power in them that we rarely use our computers for usual internet tasks. But as powerful as they have become, they still lack a few features that we wish would be introduced in some of the flagship devices that are to be released in 2019. Some of the features we are expecting to see include:

1. No Notch, Please!

Well, the first one is more of an exclusion of a design trend than the inclusion of a feature. We have seen a lot of manufacturers copy the now stylized notch and frankly, we have seen just about enough of this odd design and wish that it would just disappear in 2019 line-up. As we are using our best sim plans Australia, we want to less of notches in the new year.

2. 5G


One of the features we would like many of the manufacturers to see adopting in their hardware is 5G connectivity. We know that 5G is far from reaching its full potential yet but it would be great to have a small taste of what 5G would truly be capable of.

3. In-Display Fingerprint Sensor


The in-display fingerprint reader isn’t new and has been added on just a few of 2018 flagships by a handful of manufacturers. While facial recognition is all fine and dandy, it fails to be useful in low light conditions. Many manufacturers acknowledge this problem and still include the classic fingerprint scanners in their flagships phones but we are hoping that they would adopt the in-screen fingerprint scanner more commonly and make their devices look and feel more advanced and modernized.

4. Better Cameras (Still!)

While the cameras on smartphones have advanced greatly, they are still far from competing with actual digital cameras. In 2018 a few of the manufacturers invested a lot of time, money and research, and managed to deliver phones with cameras that could deliver high-quality pictures but there is still room for improvement in this category and want to see all of the manufacturers implement better camera OS in their line-up for 2019.

5. Wireless Charging


Another feature we want to see more of its wireless charging. Again, it isn’t a new feature but it is one that hasn’t been used to its full potential. Yes, it is gaining popularity and traction but many of the manufacturers still refrain from including it in their flagship devices even in 2018. Since it has been adopted by Apple, we are hoping many others would follow in its tracks.

6. Durability Over Slim Design

Smartphone manufacturers are in a race of producing slimmer and smarter looking phones. This has cost us consumers in terms of durability. The slimmer the phone gets the less durable it becomes even if it is made with the most premium materials. So, we are hoping that manufacturers would consider adding the factor of durability in their designs for their flagships slated to release in the coming year.

What other features do you think we should add to this list and what set of features do you want to see in your favorite phones in 2019? Which are the best sim plans Australia or NBN phone plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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