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What You Should Know About Cloud-Based PACS Storage

by Gavin Tyler
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As a medical practitioner or physician, you need storage. There are many medical image storage providers, but all of them are not as great as equally made as well. This is because some specialists become confused to identify the differences between cloud and local storage.

As the solution you’re going to take is a part of a large decision, it impacts on your medical imaging practices. No matter which DICOM images database you’re using. But, it’s a keep point to become successful in medical business to get a reliable and stable type of storage.

You must be very confident in the process you keep your patients’ health information protected. Also, you should rest assured you can use and share them notice of a moment. This way, let’s know some more things about cloud-based PACS storage to be integrated with the best DICOM viewer.

Why You Should Choose a Cloud-Based PACS Storage

While having this storage, it allows you to keep your patients’ records of your practices, imaging center or hospitals. It has both short and long term storage facilities. So, whenever your patient and a specialist send you a request, you’ll be able to provide their desired image instantly.

Also, cloud-based storage comes to use when a patient comes to you after months or years for their medical imaging or further treatment. For example, it could be about a patient that had diagnosed her breast cancer years ago. When their oncologist will ask for the previous report, they will come back to your imaging center.

In this situation, if physicians are unable to access their previous medical images, they’ll not be able to provide the proper treatment. So, if you have a medical imaging center or hospital with lack of the updated methods then you should solve it as early as possible.

What Cloud Storage Refers for?

Cloud storage something more than it sounds like. You have options to store your patients’ images and data on the cloud as long or short as you like. As it has the backups, it has an arrangement with various data centers in the queue and it can be redundant.

Simply answer the below question to decide whether you should get Cloud storage or not. Do you have the importance of secure access and share of your patients’ medical images and data? If yes is your answer, then you’re badly in need of using cloud storage.  

Pros & Cons of Going Cloud

The best thing is to go through the cloud system is that you’ll get a promising backup. Whatever happens with your imaging center, you’ll get back your data anytime and from anywhere. Also, you’ll find it very cost-effective if you compare with other storage solutions.

Besides, if you look for the reasons to avoid using the cloud solution then there is no real reason. Although it’s safer than any other solutions, you may find some exceptions out there. The biggest issue is that if you don’t have a stable and high-speed internet connection then you’ll not be able to use this solution.  

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