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What are Unlimited Data Providers with SIM Card for Travelers?

by Gavin Tyler
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Do you know that Mobile phone network is the leader of the world according to the report of a survey that was operated by Open Signal?  It’s said that 3G and 4G are running successfully and 5G is on the way to come. Also, the surveyor has tested three most important mobile phone operators who offer the highest advantages to their users. Besides, they also have considered who offer the unlimited data SIM card for the travelers who visit Australia. This is because visitors will use local SIM card to reduce their roaming costs. Well, let’s know what operator you should choose when you’re in Australia.

Reduce Your Roaming Costs by using a local SIM card

When you’ll visit Australia, you’ll find it hard to contact your family and friends. This is because it’s expensive to call from the country to other countries. So, you can do one thing to reduce your roaming costs that are to use local SIM card instead of your own one. You’ll find a lot of minutes, data, and SMS plans for you while visiting in Australia. For example, you need to spend less than $10 to get 1 GB data from its one of the top local service providers. That’s why you can consider using local SIM to save money if you’re planning to go for a long trip.

What are the Best Mobile Phone Carriers in Australia?

You’ll find a lot of mobile phone carriers in Australia, but 3 are the top of them, including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. So, you can use one of them as so many travelers have used them with great trust. Well, let’s know something about them below:


It’s said that Telstra is the biggest mobile phone operator in Australia with the most area coverage. It’s true that it’s a costlier one, but you’ll widely its network anywhere in the country. So, this SIM is perfect for you when you’re going on some road trips. But, don’t forget to use a 3G or 4G phone because Telstra doesn’t offer 2G anymore. Also, you have options to buy SIM cards from T-Life stores of Telstra and many other places with best prepaid mobile plans.


It’s owned by SingTel and the second largest Telco provider in the country. You’ll find their great coverage in the big cities and towns, but it could be an issue if you use in the countryside. Also, you have options to buy SIM cards from stores of Optus and many other places. And you’ll get some great offers if you shop their SIM cards.


This is the third largest mobile operator and very reliable with its various attractive offers. You have options to buy SIM cards from stores of Optus and many other places. But, you must not forget to register your SIM via online.

Bottom Line

Aside from these three, you’ll find a lot of mobile operators when you’ll visit Australia. But, you should consider one thing that whatever SIM card you buy, you must know well about their term & conditions and their limitations.

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