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What Are The Do’s and Don’ts of ATM Machine Placement

by Gavin Tyler
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As a company proprietor or manager, installing an ATM in your location is an excellent way to boost foot traffic and overall earnings. Keep in mind that not every site for an ATM is the same. Before choosing a definitive choice, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind. 

Protecting your clients’ money data and earning their confidence requires a holistic strategy for security. This article will discuss the most critical considerations for ATM location, including the dos and don’ts that can make or break your investment. Let’s proceed before you look for an ATM placement services.

Do: Consider Your Customers’ Needs

The convenience of your clients should be a top priority when deciding where to put ATMs. After all, consumers are less likely to use the ATM if they don’t think it’s easy to get to.

In the first step, consider the areas of your business where consumers tend to congregate. The most convenient location for an ATM would be near the front door, so keep that in mind if you own a grocery shop or filling station. While owning a tavern or eatery, put the ATM near the entryway or in a heavily trafficked location where customers congregate.

Likewise, foot activity must be taken into account. If you put your ATM in a busy plaza, more people will see and use it. Remember that the optimal positioning spot can vary based on the time of day, so it’s important to monitor consumer activity at different points of the day.

Don’t: Place the ATM in a Dark or Isolated Area

Putting your ATM in a hidden nook to conserve square footage could be better. Customers prefer to use ATMs in public places, and putting one in a remote or out-of-the-way location can make them uneasy.

Instead, find a spot with plenty of foot traffic and light for your ATM. You could place security cams in the neighborhood or put up brighter lights around the ATM to make people feel safer. Signage or other visible indicators can also be useful in directing consumers to the ATM.

Do: Work With an Experienced ATM Placement Company

Working with a seasoned ATM placement services is essential if you are new to ATM employment or need more substantial expertise. These firms have the experience and insight to advise you on the optimal placement of your ATM, improve your contract terms with existing operators, and guarantee the machine’s smooth operation at all times.

Find an ATM employment firm that has worked with companies like yours and has a solid grasp of the market. You can learn more about their track record and their previous clients’ satisfaction by requesting referrals or case studies from them.

Don’t: Skimp on Security Measures

When deciding where to put an ATM, safety must be your top concern. Since you are handling clients’ personal information and significant sums of money, you must implement stringent security measures.

To begin, check that your ATM has state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, alerts, and encryption software installed. In addition to having a strategy to deal with security leaks or other events, you should keep a close eye on your computer to ensure nothing fishy is going on.

Do: Check Local Regulations and Laws

Learning about any rules or restrictions in a given area is crucial before deciding where to put an ATM. The location of your equipment may be restricted by neighborhood regulations, licensure rules, or other regulations.

Don’t: Overlook Maintenance and Service Needs

To keep it running smoothly, your ATM will need frequent servicing, just like any other technology component. Remember them when deciding where to put them. Ensure that maintenance and repair workers will be able to get there quickly.

Do: Consider the Cost-Benefit Analysis

The cost-benefit comparison should be considered when deciding where to put ATMs. Can the machine’s extra income cover its acquisition, setup, and upkeep costs? Ensure you check everything out to confirm it’s a good buying.

Don’t: Ignore Customer Feedback

Once your ATM is operational, it’s crucial to solicit frequent input from customers to ensure it’s meeting their expectations. Don’t disregard my suggestions! Make better choices about where to put ATMs based on this data.


The choice of where to put an ATM is crucial and must consider many things. By remembering these dos and don’ts, you’ll be able to make an investment that brings in more business, generates more income, and delights your clients. 

In addition to these technological safeguards, anti-fraud and anti-theft rules and staff training should be noticed. Protecting your clients’ money data and earning their confidence requires a holistic strategy to security.

Installing an automated teller machine (ATM) in your place of business is a fantastic strategy for increasing the number of customers who patronize your establishment and your overall revenue.

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