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Use Restorative Teaching Practices to Boost Student Engagement and Achievement

by Gavin Tyler
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Teachers are always looking for ways to improve their classroom environment and student engagement. In this article, we will discuss the use of restorative practices in your classroom.

Define Restorative Practices

Restorative practices in school are an approach to discipline that focuses on repairing the harm done by a misbehavior, rather than punishing the perpetrator. This involves creating an environment of understanding and respect between students and educators, and implementing strategies such as mediation, circle discussions and problem solving. Restorative practices also aim to help build relationships and create a culture of safety, responsibility and inclusion in schools. By using these techniques, educators can help reduce misbehavior, build positive relationships between students and staff, and create a more positive learning environment.

Choose a Restorative Practice

When developing a restorative teaching practice, it is important to select one that is tailored to best suit the needs of your students. Restorative practices provide an opportunity for students to take responsibility for their actions and relationships and to find positive solutions in problem situations. Factors such as the age of the students, the school/classroom atmosphere, and the type of behavior being addressed should all be taken into consideration when selecting a restorative practice. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that all parties involved are given a chance to participate in the process. With careful thought and consideration, it is possible to develop an effective and appropriate restorative teaching practice for any school environment.

Create a Learning Environment That Encourages Students

Creating a learning environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their learnings can be achieved through the use of Restorative Teaching Practices. This approach focuses on problem-solving and communication skills, rather than punishment, to help students learn how to manage their behavior and understand the effects of their actions. Restorative Teaching Practices foster a sense of responsibility, accountability, and respect for the learning environment by helping students to understand the impact of their actions and how to handle situations more effectively. By taking a restorative approach to teaching, teachers can create a more positive learning atmosphere that encourages students to take responsibility for their learnings.

Develop Coping Strategies to Help Students after an Incident of Bullying or Harassment

Restorative teaching practices are designed to help students cope with and recover from an incident of bullying or harassment. These practices focus on repairing harm, accountability, and developing empathy, while promoting a safe and inclusive learning environment. Restorative teaching strategies can include classroom dialogue, group activities, and individual or group counseling to help students process the incident and develop healthy coping strategies. By employing restorative teaching practices, educators can create an environment where students feel supported and empowered to work through difficult situations.

Celebrate Successful Student Achievements with Nurturing Activities

Restorative teaching practices are an effective way to promote a positive learning environment and celebrate student achievements. These practices involve engaging students in interactive activities that focus on communication and problem-solving, while also encouraging students to nurture their own successes. Through nurturing activities, teachers can create a more inclusive learning environment that also encourages students to take ownership of their own learning outcomes. By celebrating successful student achievements, educators can help foster a more supportive learning environment that promotes growth and development.

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