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Top Four Best Backpacking & Dog Hiking Gears

by Gavin Tyler
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All hikers or backpackers will say it’s your gears that can break or make your hiking or outing better. The same thing is true for you if you’re deciding for gears with a hiking dog.

You can plan to bring your dog on hiking that covers snowy paths and rocky trails. There are places with inclement or cold weather. So, the dogs must get all the gear essential to know about safety and comfort.

That’s why we’re going to share the top four best backpacking and hiking gears for dogs. So, it would help if you did not leave home without any of the dog hiking gear.


A high-quality pet harness is the first gear that we recommend for your dogs. It’ll be out backpacking and hiking. If you have a dog harness, it helps you share the drag weight onto the dog’s shoulder. Also, it distributes the weight outside their necks.

It reduced the leash knot and gave you a bit more bodily control. With us, we have Ruff wear harnesses. It comes with a grip on its backs. So, it allows us to lift our small dogs up and above big trail obstacles. If you own a bigger dog, you need to have a pack with its storage.

And the dog will be able to carry its own food plus water. The most vital thing about a harness is its fitness. If you choose a harness that’s very large or small in size, your dog will not feel comfortable with it. It’s because this may be an issue for the restricted breathing.


When you have a comfortable harness for your dog, it’s time to get a pair of good-quality leashes. A leash comes with a serious in sustaining control of the dog on the tracks.

That’s why we like to get a leash that comes in with a bungee spring because it lets you for shock absorption. Also, it helps to expand with getting to bring a long leash.

If you have two dogs like others, you should have a two-leash setup. Orit would help if, yowentgo for a splitter leash. We have opted for a bungee spring lash because our dog enjoys this more. It’s better than the mess of tangled of two different leashes.

Paw Protection

When you primarily start hiking with a dog, paw protection is beneficial for your dog. They’re like our feet and hands. It may take some time to get calluses and toughen up. Then we knew that my dogs would hike on the ice, sand, snow, and warm surfaces.

That’s why we ensure our dog’s pads in a special wax named Musher’s Secret. Although we try some booties, the dogs didn’t like it. The wax of Musher’s Secret is a very amazing thing. And it has worked great on the tough trails.

Warmish In Layers

You might be going hiking or backpacking in some cold environments. It’ll need you to get dressed in some layers. So, you should ensure the dogs get identical access to equipment to keep on warm.

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