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Tips to Determine the Right One in Cloud & On-Site PACS

by Gavin Tyler
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Today’s issue is whether you should use cloud or on-site PACS for your medical images. Cloud-based PACS has indeed gained huge popularity in the last few years. But, both of them have some advantages and disadvantages to use.

For example, if you use an on-site PACS integrated with sante DICOM viewer then it’s very tough to use your patients’ images outside of your office. But, there is a built-in utility for the most cloud-supported PACS to allow access to consulting or referring physicians and patients.

You should think this type of PACS if it’s significant to your practice to enable you to use medical images. Thus, there are some more things to decide within these two types of PACS, let’s know them below:

The Internet Connection & Modalities

Nobody likes to spend a lot of time for their medical image download or upload using DICOMDIR viewer download or some other software. In this case, the speed of bandwidth is a determining thing when you choose one from on-site and cloud PACS.

There are variations in the internet speeds depending on the locations. Indeed, you’ll find some limitations in some areas where you can expect higher internet speed to be available. The factor of internet speed also may vary depending on the imaging modalities that you’re using.

Lower internet speed may be sufficient while you’re just using x-rays. But, this is not the case when you use it for CTs or MRIs as they need higher internet speed. If you don’t know how to know your internet speed, just check it out using some online software and apps.

Technical Support & Hardware Requirements: On-Site

As you can get the most of your required technical help that you need, it’s the largest advantage of using cloud-based PACS. So, if you don’t like to pay for this type of support then you can go with the cloud as an alternative option.

But, when you have enough on-site technical support then the type of on-site PACS is suitable for your practice. Your storage space requirements will enlarge as the number of researches you accumulate in your PACS.

You’ll want to repeatedly enlarge the size or number of the forces set up in your PACS if you have it as an on-site. Besides, if you can replace, upgrade, or update your system regular basis then on-site PACS is OK for you. If not, it’s best to go with the cloud that’s perfect for you.

Disaster Prevention

You must get a backup of your patients’ data regular basis at least each day. Also, it’s important to back them up at the locations that remain safe. That means the data should stay untouched regardless of natural or manmade disaster.

In this case, you don’t have any choicer other than going with the cloud-based PACS. It’s because your data is always safer out there with proper security steps. So, we suggest you choose the cloud-based PACS that has more advantages than on-site PACS.

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