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Tips to De-Clutter Your Home Before Moving Day

by Gavin Tyler
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Moving means loads of junk closets or drawers that are full of different things. Even, you don’t know you own this stuff or never wear them for a single time. While moving your own without hiring someone, you have to schlep and pack all of your items.

But, if you hire junk removal Austin Company then you just have to pay and the company will do all for you. De-cluttering of your home is very essential before you start stuffing that will make your moving day inexpensive and stress-free. That’s why we’re here with some simple, but useful tips to de-clutter your home prior to the moving day without hiring junk removal Austin TX services.

Take Time for Yourself

It’s not wise to wait for the moving day to determine what you have to pack and what dispose of. The better thing is that you should plan for the day before two weeks earlier. In these weeks, schedule some hours to work for closet and different rooms in your house routinely. If you work in smaller portions, you’ll be able to pack everything.

But, when you’ll do it in the moving day, you’re likely to throw many items lack of time and scope. In this case, you may make piles of your household items and toiletries like shampoo and toilet paper. You can start using the extra that will make you able to bring less with you. But, when you run out, you can buy a smaller one to take it with you.

Use A Supply Box

You can use a supply box include all the things that you need for the day of moving. These include toilet paper’s roll, box cutter, nails and hammer, and some other most essential stuff. After taking all your important items, keep the box separately with you. So, you’ll get rid of digging these items in the boxes inside.

But, when you’ll pack your items, you can leave the things that you never were fond of. Instead, take some sentimental things that have value and memories together. And finally, take a final decision what you’ll do with your useless, valueless sentimental things. If you run out of the decision, we recommend, keep it on the clutter list.

Use Three Different Boxes

User three different boxes for all the rooms you tackle. One for keeping your stuff, another for throwing stuff, and the last one are for donating/ selling stuff. Keep every item into any one box of these three when you go through your drawers and closets.

When it comes to donate/ sell, put things in the said box. During digging your rooms, closets, and drawers, you’ll get some things to donate or sell. So, if you can sell them then that is great. But, if you can’t that then donate them to your nearby charity.

See Expiration Dates

You might have some items in your pantry or bathroom. So, when you’re packing them, check their expiry dates. Possibly you’ll find there some items are out of date. As a result, you should throw them out of your box and just keep the ones that have an expiry date.

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