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Tip to Use Some Useful Plugins to Improve Your WP Search

by Gavin Tyler
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There is so much to love on WordPress – but it doesn’t have the default search function. It’s simplistic and doesn’t take issues such as dishonesty or meaning into consideration.

That can make a web site that’s heavy on content more user-friendly. Fortunately, the developer group of WordPress has built fantastic plugins to deliver search functionality.

The majority are rather easy to set up, and in just seconds, it will start to deliver better results. Here Long Island web design recommends you a collection of plugins for WordPress that you can use to make your search area a powerful tool:


Relevanssi is an excellent option for those who want fine-grain search control. A lot of settings are available to tweak. For instance, to publish elements like titles or tags, you can add “weight.”

There are also many quirks involving a typical WordPress website. You can index specific post forms, custom fields, PDF documents, and even Shortcode material.

But although you do not want to modify any settings, you can install the plugin, build an index of your website, and improve Search immediately.

Ajax Search Lite

These days, users are well-known to use a “live” search to produce suggested results. This is a feature that can make it more efficient to locate a particular piece of content.

In addition to the ability to filter the search by category or post type, Ajax Search Lite adds this ability to any WordPress site. Besides, you can also allow the plugin to replace the existing search field on your website or to add it via a Widget or Shortcode.

Search Exclude

Sometimes you need to avoid your WordPress website from seeking specific content. Except Search allows it very easy and covers the content only by clicking on the added checkbox in the post editor.

It should note that this plugin gives members the option to test it on this platform. And no website or articles settings would impact.

Woo Search

When you run a WooCommerce-powered online shop, it is essential to search to help users find the products they are most interested in. Advanced Woo Search Installation adds live search features that also feature several powerful features.

You may or may not scan for particular product figures such as the type, cover, contents, or extract. In the results, product pictures and pricing appear for the Search. A premium version enables you to search for products, custom fields, etc.

Better Search

Designed to be extremely expandable, Better Search’s enhanced quest has several choices. The main difference is that you don’t have to create a site index manually – it begins to work once you have the plugin activated.

Inside, you can select results by a variety of methods, customize how the results look through a template, cache plugin support, and a profanity filter. A chart of frequent searches may view to demonstrate the patterns as well. You can hire a Long Island web design company for getting a better understanding of all these stuffs.

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