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Some Best Pizza Ads Ideas Work These Days Easily

by Gavin Tyler
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Pizza is a huge industry. People are now interested in buying the best frozen pizza brand. The market has grown to $46 billion in the United States alone! And, with fewer than 77,000 individual pizzerias in the United States, competition is severe.

The significant chains control around 58 percent of the market, yet that still leaves roughly $19 billion in revenue for the independents!

However, with so much competition, it might feel like you’re yelling into the abyss, and no one is listening. Therefore, before you look for Napoli frozen pizza review, let’s start this party!

Voicemail Drops

Voicemail drops, also known as ringless voicemail, are popular right now. Voicemail drops enable you to leave a voice message on your prospect’s phone without ringing. That implies your call will not disrupt their essential meeting or family time.

Voice drops allow users to listen to voicemails at their leisure. And they do, with a 96% attendance rate! In an age where 95 percent of the population owns a mobile phone, it’s a sure-fire approach to reach the individuals you’re looking for – in a discreet manner.

Chatbot Contest on Facebook

Chatbot competitions are an enjoyable way to “gamify” your marketing efforts. Combining a contest with a chatbot will increase Facebook page engagement and acquire new clients!

This technique may also collect helpful contact information that you can subsequently utilize to send emails or SMS messages to potential clients. This should offer something appealing, such as a free slice of pizza every day for a month or a date night for two.

Don’t bother with the 25% off your next meal. Your ad image should be eye-catching. You don’t want folks scrolling by without pausing. So pick one of your very finest images.

Instagram Organic Growth

Because you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that people enjoy posting and seeing food photos on Instagram. But did you know that pizza is the world’s most Instagrammed food?

Eighty percent of Instagram users follow at least one company. That means there is a lot of noise out there, as well as a lot of people looking for pizza material.

So persuading them to support your venture shouldn’t be too difficult. And establishing a decent Instagram account entails more than just drawing consumers. Thirty percent of customers would skip a restaurant if it did not have a strong Instagram presence.

Direct Mail

Direct mail will appear to be out of date. But it is making a big comeback. And, as far as pizza advertising concepts go, it’s a definite winner. Since 2006, direct mail has declined by around 30%.

That’s a lot less mail for your mailer and a lot less competition for it. When people are irritated by actual mail, we’ve become so accustomed to online communication that receiving letters in the mailbox is a pleasant change.

And the figures in favor of direct mail are mind-boggling. As a result of direct mail advertisements, 39% of customers claimed they would try a business first.

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