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Low Maintenance Haircuts That Are Trending Right Now

by Gavin Tyler
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Is this the right time to get a fresh and new haircut for your winter look from “barbers near me”? The haircut should be low maintenance and no-fuss, versatile as well.

Here are a few ideas about the haircut that is low-maintenance and easy to handle. So, before you look for “barber shop close to me,” go through the entire content to know more about the topic.

Pixie Haircut

Do you have damaged hair? Or do you want to transform for the hair color? Do you want a stylish haircut? Then this pixie haircut is perfect for your hair. This is the excellent option of haircut ¬for lovely hair – it can give a fuller look for slender strands.

For maintaining the pixie haircut shape, you will need the trim schedule for every six weeks. Jessica Warburton, the stylist of Los-Angeles and Matrix Artist, gives this suggestion.

As your haircut is a pixie, you can save a lot of time for this daily. The reason is you need less effort for styling the hair. Though you may have short hair, Jessica suggests trying the bob haircut. It will be longer on sides and cropped to the back.

Bob Haircut

Moreover, bob haircut suits for all kind of hair texture and it gives a classic look. Plus, you may have wavy or curly hair and fine hair as well. But bob haircut will look good in all types of hair. Also, you will get a lot of ideas about styling your hair.

The salon owner of Boston and Matrix Director Michael Albor says you can get a bob haircut successfully. But the stylist needs to do that personally. So, finding someone who knows about the haircut is significant.

 The stylist needs to know the forms for the individual client. It is like, before cutting the hair, the stylist needs to know how it will look in reality.

Shag Haircut

During the 1970s this shag haircut was debuted. After that, it comes with a new style from time to time. Also, at this time, this shag haircut becomes more popular than before. It looks excellent in layers of face-framing, bangs of eye-skimming as well.

Even it suits in curly or wavy hair and straight hair as well. Make a different style with the hair. Apply the lightweight hair crème or foam for dumping hair. Also, dry the hair by squeezing all hair up.  

Invisible Layers

If you have medium-long type hair layering technique will look gorgeous and bold. It will grow so beautifully, and you will not need any haircut for a long time. The hair shape will be invisible and dimension, so there will not be any straight lines.

Dilek the hair expert says the line will be blurred. For this, the growing hair will not show. It is effortless, textured and easy to maintain. Plus, you will not think that you need any haircut.

After cutting the hair instantly, you will love that. Also, it will create a movement to your hair, and you will not know where the layers are. So, this is time to get a haircut of invisible layers.

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