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How & Where to Camp in Santa Barbara as A Weekend Trip

by Gavin Tyler
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If you’ve ever interested in camping in the Central Coast of California, you’ve possibly heard about the famous Jalama Beach. It’s the place where to camp in Santa Barbara as a weekend trip or for any other outdoor activities. But, you’ll find something different than the gossip to focus on, including this, is mainly a camping oasis. As a result, it’s one of the last strips of beachfront in the region that’s full of natural beauties. When you’ll be camping in this place, it’s seriously a place with windy seashore where the camp stores offer you the tastiest hamburgers. Whatever you have heard about the beach, each and everyone is absolutely true about it as it is the place for best camping in Santa Barbara. As we’re talking about Jamala beach that would be a fantastic weekend trip more than anything.

Planning Your Trip

You’ll not find really much stopping there if you’re planning to make a trek north from Los Angeles. Those know breezy under three-hour cruise and the drive is simple if anyone has ever spent a day to taste the afternoon wine around Lompoc. If you’re interested then just head on to the north of the 101 that part of the Santa Barbara to look for the exit to Air Force Base through Highway 1. even some of the campers like to use their bicycle that make them a feeling like taking the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner pedaling from there to Lompoc. As it’s a “hidden coastal gem” that just means it’s much easy to camp here there’s not a lot else around. But, don’t forget that you should choose the right time of the year to visit Jamala Beach as the rates matter widely.


More than decades, this beach is running strictly with a no-reservations policy that leaves you in the summer without a place to rest around. But, once upon a time, you were able to show up the station of a ranger at 6 AM when you were eager to camp. But, when it comes to the current availability, the Rangers were able to start going down by 3 PM. Coming back to the present time and you’ll find most all have been changed of its previous options. However, there are some premium first-come sites that get operated outside of the reservation system of the county. If you like to go your camping smoothly, go through the reservation page of the Santa Barbara for a shot to availing a summertime opening at the Beach.


Types of Campsites

You’ll find some different types of campsites at Jamala Beach and all of them of the 109 have picnic tables with fireplace and arrangement for outdoor cooking. Among some others, the tent sites without electrical linkups are the most common thing to do on the beach. As the basic sites that often close together, they offer a well-mannered quantity of walking space for visitors. That’s why these are great for you if you’re in a group of eight or fewer people in one or two tents.

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