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How to Get Rid of Your Old Hot Tub

by Gavin Tyler
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Old things fail to give you a fresh ambiance, they resemble the dead souls – all lifeless. Your old hot tub must be making you feel tired of it. If it is beyond repair, you need to chuck away with it.

What to Do Before Dismantling It?

Drain the water out of your tub before dismantling the structure. You can’t let it be full of water while breaking it down into pieces. It may cause you trouble, and a great amount of time to do the clean-up.

Take out the electrical switch before letting the water pass out. There shouldn’t be any chances left for a short circuit. Attach a pipe to the drainage hole and direct it towards your garden-area so that nothing else but your plants get to absorb the water. Make sure there is no electrical stuff in the path towards your garden, or else, it will catch water – which can have dangerous consequences.

1. Break It into Pieces Without Harming the Foundation

In most conditions, your old hot tub is likely to be replaced with a new one, and hence, you need to be extraordinarily vigilant when it comes to destroying the old one using a hammer or any other tool. Try and break it into small pieces and do not disintegrate big pieces. Just aim at the surface and not the deck or foundation of the hot tub. You have to devastate the structure letting the base unharmed, and this task will require extra caution and care.

2. Hire A Professional to Get You Through This

If you feel disposing of a hot tub is not your cup of tea, then, a professional junk removal Nassau county NY service to get things done for you. You might have to lose a few bucks but rest assured, they will remove the hot tub without any problems.

You can check out the costs of trash removal Brooklyn services to ensure you pay the right price.

3. Set It Out for Sale by Yourself

Selling or buying a thing is no longer a stressful thing. Today’s digital world makes it possible without any extraordinary efforts. If you want to sell something, just post a few pictures along with the expected price on all your social media handles, and in no time you will see your inbox flooded with response.

You can also make the most of websites that have potential buyers. There is no need to pay a newspaper for publishing your advert.

PS: You would need a professional if you want to sell it instead of destroying it.

4. Look Around for Exchange Offers

Another lucrative offer will be to trade your old tub with a brand new one. There are some local dealers who put out these trade-in offers, and you can easily seal one of them. A few dealers ask for some % of money along with the old item; even this kind of offer can prove to be beneficial for you.

If you are tired of repairing your hot tub, you can simply exchange it with the latest one. Okaying such an offer can help you palm off your old hot tub.


Concluding, the simplest option is to hire a hot tub removal service, however, exchanging it is also a viable option.

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