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Here Is How To Plan Attic Cleanout

by Gavin Tyler
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When was the last time you stepped into your attic? Don’t remember? That makes two of us! If you have finally decided to remove dust, dirt and get rid of the boxes present in your attic, you will find all the help here.

1. Remove the Belongings

Before you start to clean up, you have to take out all the boxes, of course. If the boxes or items are large, stack them in the corner. If you have large items that you don’t need, you should use a junk removal Austin service to remove them.

While you are cleaning the room, cover them up. Don’t forget to wash the fabrics once you are done to remove dust and allergens.

2. Start the Cleaning

Removed everything? Great. Now clean the attic itself. Before cleaning the floor, target the raised spaces. Vacuum or scrub the flooring depending on how much dirt there is.

3. Dust the Items

The items placed in the attic must be filled with dust. Use a synthetic duster to remove all the dirt. Reach the wall, windows, columns, frames, and baseboards. You might have to clean the duster in between when things get too dusty.  It’s best to use a duster with an extension arm to clean fixtures like fans, corners and other hard to reach areas.

4. Decide What to Keep and What to Give

When you are going through old stuff, you will have 3 types of piles: a pile to keep, donate and trash. Such decisions can be hard because we don’t want to let go of items that have sentimental value. Be honest with yourself. If there is something you haven’t used for the past 3 years, it needs to go away. For trash items, contact a junk removal Austin service for removal. It helps when the items to be removed are bulky.

5. Check for Mold

Mold can be difficult to identify if it’s either black or gray. It is this type of mold that spreads around quickly. The mold that is orange, white, brown or green in color is more toxic.

Since you are cleaning out your attic, take your time and identify the mold. If you are allergic or you have asthma, call attic cleaning services to have the mold removed.

6. Replace Your Belongings

After you have cleaned the attic thoroughly, it’s time to place all the items back. Take this opportunity to dust and polish the items in the attic if you haven’t done that already.

Decide how you are going to organize everything back to your attic. If you don’t have enough space, organize items on shelves. If you cannot create shelves, then use bins and label everything. This will help you remember where you have placed what.

7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Often, we overestimate our ability to do a job. This usually leads to more problems. Cleaning an attic is not an easy task. Ask a friend, family member or neighbor for help.

Don’t put off the task because too much work is involved. The more often you clean and organize your attic, the less work will be required.


Attic cleaning might be a time-consuming job, but it is the key to a healthy and allergy-free home. You will make your home a better place for not just yourself and your family, but your pets too.

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