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Four Kinds of Teeth and the Function of the Teeth

by Gavin Tyler
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Teeth are an essential part of our mouth. We think we will have teeth, and it is a general thing. But, we need to take care of our teeth. Also, teeth need to be healthy enough. Otherwise, we may face many difficulties.

Well, teeth help people to speak clearly. Also, for chewing food, we don’t have any other option except teeth. Even while smiling, teeth play an essential role. Generally, adults may have 32 to 28 teeth.

Each tooth is not the same, and they are different in shape and activities. You will find four kinds of teeth. Here you will learn about the different types of teeth. So, before you look for the best dentist in Los Angeles, check these out.

Four Kinds of Teeth

Four kinds of teeth are the below categories, so check it out.

Canines: These teethe are in the bottom and upper jaw. Well, they have pointed ends and long roots. You will find such kinds of teeth in the corner of your mouth.

Incisors: The front teeth will be in these categories. Such teeth are visible most of the time, and if you smile, these teeth will become visible.

Bicuspids: These teeth are flatter. Their other name is premolars.

Molars: You will find this tooth-wide, and it stays on the upper surface.

The Canine Tooth Function

Moreover, the canine is a sharp kind of teeth and helps to chew food. Without such teeth, you can eat food properly. Also, it would help if you depended on these teeth for cooked meats or bread as well. So, you will need these teeth for enjoying your food.

Incisor Teeth Function

If you are eating the sandwich, you will notice incisors. It will start the work, and you will feel the pressure on the teeth.

The Bicuspid Function

However, the bicuspid will not tear anything. For such a thing, you have incisors and canines. So, your bicuspid will make the small piece of the food you can eat them. So, for crushing foods, you will need a bicuspid.

The Molar Function

Therefore molar will grind foods, and you can eat quickly. The molar will force you to crush the food and soft chewing. So, it will smash foods into the mouth, and you can digest them easily. Molar places to the jawbone and ensure to grind hard items.

If one tooth is lost, what may happen?

Additionally, all teeth are important and have different jobs. If you face a problem with the teeth and need to lose or replace one, consult the dentist, and the dentist will suggest the required step. Also, you can get non-surgical treatment as well.

Bottom Line

As you know, teeth are an essential part of our mouth. If you have healthy teeth, it will let you smile beautifully. Each tooth is necessary, and they have different activities.

Make sure you are taking care of all teeth and clean them properly. If you face any problem, immediately consult with a 24 hour emergency dentist in Las Vegas if you are in Las Vegas. Without teeth, you can’t enjoy any food. So, be careful about it.

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