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Forgiveness And How It Helps You Heal And Grow Spiritually

by Gavin Tyler
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Forgiveness And How It Helps You Heal And Grow Spiritually

What is Meant by Forgiveness?

Does it mean to forget the wrong-doing of anyone?

Or does it mean to keep the grudge in your heart, but behave nicely in front of everyone.

Let us figure it out!

In my opinion, Forgiveness is letting go of the power of taking revenge or doing wrong to someone who hurt you. Why? Just because out of love or your affection towards that relation? How much you want to hold onto that?

Yes, it is much challenging and requires a lot of patience, perseverance and a big heart. It may be hard for you, but it won’t be hard for your energy to forgive. Focus on your energy, your soul.

Life is too short to build up heaps of anger, hatred, and bitterness in your heart for others. We should forgive and learn how to forgive. Because when we don’t forgive, it infects our souls badly and creates a huge tree of resentment inside. It becomes a barrier to every upcoming joy of our lives.

Do we want it? Absolutely No!

Then what to do? Forgive. Forgiveness is one step in the direction of quantum healing. What is quantum healing? It is to heal with energy.

Let’s explore how forgiveness heals you.

How Forgiveness Heals You?

If forgiveness doesn’t come easily to you, then first let go of your anger because it is the main reason behind it. Trust me. Whenever you confess that I won’t forgive that specific person because they did such to me, it always hurts you deeply from inside which tears you apart. Why should we do this? Why shouldn’t we forgive and be at peace? Look how would you easily heal yourself easily as soon as you forgive that person.

Forgiveness And How It Helps You Heal And Grow Spiritually

1) Remember, No One is Perfect at all

Most of the times, people don’t hurt intentionally. It is just because they were in much anger and couldn’t control on their thought process. It is my job to see the positivity around this negative incident. No, am not joking at all.

Everybody is fighting their own battle and are in so much pain which won’t be able to understand ever. So, when someone uses bad words for me, I shouldn’t allow myself to be harsh with them. Try this. It would naturally heal you. It wouldn’t come naturally, and in first you would have to pretend, but as the time goes, it would become your way of reacting towards the situation.

2) It Is True That You Can Only Control Yourself

Accept this fact that we can only control ourselves. We are not in power to manage all of the situations, people around us who are making us hurt and giving us pain. It is not humanly possible. Then why does one take stress on such thing which is beyond our power? Think practically.

Forgiveness Grows Us Spiritually – How?

  1. Forgiveness makes us closer to higher energy. When you forgive the burden is lifted so you can tap into the higher consciousness.
  2. Forgiveness increases humility which is required for our emotional and spiritual growth. It helps us in keeping aside our massive egos.
  3. Forgiveness also helps us in experiencing the strength engraved in us. We keep saying that forgiving is hard, but we tend to do it. Why? Because our energy guides us to it.

That’s it. If you like it, you should also search what is quantum healing.

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