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Can You Run in Normal Shorts? A Guide to Choosing the Best Running Shorts

by Gavin Tyler
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Running is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but it can also be uncomfortable if you wear the wrong clothes.

One of the most important pieces of clothing for runners is shorts. Shorts can affect your performance, comfort, and style while running.

But can you run in normal shorts? Or do you need special running shorts? And how do you choose the best running shorts for your needs?

In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more. We will also give you some tips on how to find cheap running shorts mens that are suitable for your running goals.

What are Normal Shorts?

Normal shorts are any shorts that are not specifically designed for running. They can be made of cotton, denim, nylon, or other materials, and they can have various lengths, cuts, and styles.

Some examples of normal shorts are cargo shorts, basketball shorts, board shorts, and chino shorts. 

Best cheap running shorts men's
Best cheap running shorts men’s

Can You Run in Normal Shorts?

The short answer is yes, you can run in normal shorts. However, there are some drawbacks and risks that you should be aware of before you do so. Here are some of the main disadvantages of running in normal shorts:

  • They can cause chafing. Normal shorts are not made of moisture-wicking fabrics, which means they can absorb sweat and rub against your skin, causing irritation and discomfort. This can be especially painful in sensitive areas like your inner thighs and groin.
  • They can limit your range of motion. Normal shorts are not designed to accommodate the high-intensity movements that running involves. They can be too tight, too loose, too long, or too short, which can restrict your stride and hamper your performance.
  • They can weigh you down. Normal shorts are often heavier than running shorts, which can add unnecessary bulk and drag to your body. This can make you feel sluggish and tired faster than usual.
  • They can overheat you. Normal shorts are not breathable enough to allow proper ventilation and cooling for your body. This can make you sweat more and increase your risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

What are the Benefits of Running Shorts?

Running shorts have many advantages over normal shorts when it comes to running. Here are some of the main benefits of running shorts:

  • They prevent chafing. Running shorts are made of smooth fabrics that reduce friction and irritation on your skin. They also have liners that provide support and protection for your private parts.
  • They improve your range of motion. Running shorts are designed to fit snugly but not tightly on your body. They also have cuts and seams that allow for optimal flexibility and mobility while you run.
  • They enhance your performance. Running shorts are lighter than normal shorts, which means they reduce drag and improve your speed and efficiency. They also have features that help you regulate your body temperature, such as mesh panels and vents.
  • They increase your safety. Running shorts have reflective details that make you more visible in low-light conditions. They also have pockets that let you store your essentials securely while you run.

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