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Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

by Gavin Tyler
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Cloud computing can be explained as a storage on the internet. It is a better and a safer way to store your data, nowadays companies have started to take benefit of cloud computing in order to keep their data, networking, analytics etc. all at one place. This innovation also plays a great role in healthcare industry. Some of its benefits in healthcare are;

1. To Keep Electronics Records

Cloud computing can archive and store the medical and operational records as well as the medical images of patients. Medical records storage allows an organization to have a full set archive of their clients on a cloud-based server.

2. Reduction in Physical Storage

Having room for actual physical data storage servers can be a problem to the medical organizations. By saving data on a separate server, cloud server allows the organization to save room for a physical server.

3. Data Can Be Accessed on the Go

The computing power of cloud for medical records storage is incredible in radiology information system. Staff can access the data from various location because medical care can be needed anytime, anywhere. Rural areas and their response system become more realistic.

4. Collaboration

In many places., information can be needed in multiple places at the same time. Physicians find it helpful and easy to collaborate on a care operation as a team. Cloud computing makes the information to be shared in real time. Conference video calling is the most commonly used method by health care organizations.


5. Security

One of the main reasons why cloud computing is successful is because of the security and reliability it offers. The cloud servers are required to comply with the terms of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The amount of work that goes into the security of cloud computing is immense. Organization don’t move their data from a server or environment outside of their control because of the trust in security of cloud computing. There is information of lots of patients and it is a serious issue if that is leaked.

6. Reliability

Reliability of data and system uptime is heavily affected by the cloud. The automated backups make the cloud server to have the ability to restore the data loss that might occur during any disaster or system hack.

7. Low Cost

The cost of maintenance and hardware appliances or software updates are no longer your concern for cloud medical records storage. The cloud computing providers already take care of these things within the affordable fee that health organization is paying them.


8. Heavy Data Sets and Collaborative Research

Medical organization can share lots of industry data to be researched on and thus creating a big data pool for everyone to learn from. These data pools can be too complex for a normal computer to handle. That’s where cloud computing comes in which makes these huge data sets come to life.

Cloud computing is very easy to access and easy to understand. Some organizations are still too reluctant to use this but choosing the right partner and right providers you can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing.

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