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8 Awesome Travel Hacks

by Gavin Tyler
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Here are some best travel hacks you might have never known before.

1. Never Pay for Water

When you are traveling, you should know that spending money at even the little things can be expensive. Water and other things at airports are expensive. So you should save some money and use free water at airports. Try to fill your bottles so that you can spend the whole day with free water.

2. Use Private Browsing

With normal browsing mode, you will see prices increased. This is because you have already searched about them. But the private browsing mode doesn’t allow them to keep cookies and your data. So you will see original and actual prices. Moreover, you will be safe with private browsing option as it doesn’t keep history.

3. TV for Charging Devices

If you have lost your portable phone adopter, you should not be worried at all. Most of the modern TVs have USB ports where you can plug in the charger and connect it to your phone or devices and use your unlimited data prepaid mobile plans. This works fine and you will manage to recharge your phone fast. You should not buy an adopter until you are in an extreme need to buy it.

4. Scan Documents and Email

This is one of the most important things to do when you are travelling. You should scan all of your documents including visa and passwords, ID cards and other items. After scanning, email to yourself or anyone so that you have them. Many travelers lose their documents so it will help them in such cases. And also get budget unlimited international calling plans.

5. Keep Luggage Minimum

All travelers should follow this hack. You can actually save some money, feel more relaxed and comfortable while going around cities and places. With more luggage, you will have to pay to the buses and taxes and it will be hard for you to carry the whole luggage if you have to walk on foot for few minutes.

6. Booking in Advance

Choose low seasons when you have to travel. Moreover, book tickets in advance. Do some research and see where you can get discounts and offers. This will be economical for you. In low season, tickets are cheaper, hotels are more affordable and food is also cheaper. This can be an amazing surprise for you.

7. Buy a Dummy Wallet

Not many people think about this option. A dummy wallet should always be in your pocket with fake documents, fake currency and other things. You can manipulate robbers with a dummy wallet. It often happens with travelers that they are robbed and their belongings including documents and money is snatched. So you will be really safe with this option.

8. Know About Freebies

As a traveler, you should be skillful. You should look at things and pay attention to them. See where you can save money and enjoy freebies. Like, many hotels give free transport to visitors from airports and many mobile networks give unlimited international calling plans at good rates. So you should avail of yourself such things and cut down your expenses and save for later use. If you follow it at all possible places, you can make an affordable trip to any place.

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