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5 Benefits of Using a Video Camera Baby Monitor

by Gavin Tyler
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In my opinion, a video camera baby monitor is a better option than an audio monitor. Many parents don’t buy a video baby monitor because it’s expensive. I admit some are, but not all of them are as expensive as we have thought earlier. Even though it’s a bit pricey than audio monitors, I think it’s safer and lets you see your baby. Let’s talk about the benefits of video camera monitors for babies.

1. Check on your baby easily

Parents, especially new parents, are always anxious about their babies. With a camera monitor, you can check on your baby whenever you want without moving from your place. A video monitor will save you the trip to the nursery while keeping an eye on your baby. You don’t need to go to your baby’s room physically and to check on his sleep. That way, you won’t wake your baby up.

2. See inside the room without turning on the light

A camera baby monitor proves its worth by letting you see your baby without turning on the light. Many video monitors use the night vision feature to record your baby and the entire room. If you are concerned whether anyone suspicious has entered or not, you can just take a glimpse at the monitor to make sure without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

3. Monitor a child with health issues

A video cam is beneficial to use if you have health issues. It’s helpful and keeps you informed by showing you footages of your baby’s sleeping patterns and physical difficulties. Illnesses like cold and flu, allergies, epilepsy, etc., can be monitored through the screen by keeping a watch on your baby. You can also check out if your baby is choking or suffocating due to breathing difficulties. In short, your baby is in constant attention 24/7.

4. Let’s you record your baby’s precious moments

We have often heard our parents say that they missed us utter our first word as a kid because they always had to stay out for work. Not anymore! With your video baby monitor, you can now keep every recording to you as memories of your child. You can reflect on those memories when they are all grown-ups. The recording ensures you don’t miss any special memories that you otherwise would have. You can use baby monitor with Wi-Fi camera in this case.

5. Take a relaxing shower

A relaxing shower takes a long time, no kidding! As a parent, you also need to give some time and love to yourself. With a baby in the house, you just have to rush out of the bathroom to check your baby constantly. That definitely ruins your relaxation time. While you can keep doing this to you, you will get exhausted and grumpy at the end of the day. This won’t be good for anyone. There’s also the lingering stress that goes into your mind during a shower. What if my baby is in danger? What if she can’t sleep? What if she is hungry again? You can use an audio monitor but mind you; you can’t use the audio monitor while you’re showering. The sound of the shower might stifle the sound of the audio monitor. Hence, you need a video monitor that will let you see what your baby is up to. That way, you can have a relaxing bath without getting paranoid about your baby’s safety.

These are some reasons as to why getting a video monitor is actually a good idea. A video monitor isn’t expensive at all. You can also make a DIY video monitor with your old smartphone. Just turn on the old phone camera and keep it at a place where you can view the baby. Connect the old phone with your current one by WIFI, Bluetooth, or Video Calling Apps like Skype or Whatsapp, and you are good to go!

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