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3 Useful Facts about Custom Car Floor Mats

by Gavin Tyler
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Car floor mats are not only a great addition to your car’s interior but also have great uses and value for the passengers. These mats save your car’s carpeting from mud, dust, debris, and stains. There are other types of car floor mats called custom car floor mats. These types of mats allow you to design your own car floor mat in various shapes and colors. You can choose the mats’ edging type, heel-pad shape, and colors. You can also pick and customize logos and fonts. There are so many options you can explore while customizing your car mats. If customizing car mat is your thing and you want to know more, here are some facts that will help you understand these custom mats even more.

1. Not all floor mats ensure high quality

There are plenty of car floor brands available in the market, but are they all reliable or deliver the best quality? Highly unlikely! Most people, therefore, think twice before purchasing car floor mats. Some embrace the idea of buying floor mats designed by themselves so that they get quality assurance. If you want your carpets to be a graded, you need to see how the materials are. The material of the mats should be durable and sustainable. Some cheaper pre-made mats give off an off-putting odor, which is anything but good. Therefore, you should be vigilant about choosing the right kind of carpet material for your mat making.

2. There are two common edgings

Picking the edging of the floor mats are a little tricky because you may find yourself in the labyrinth of various choices. However, the more, the merrier! This means that you have unlimited options to choose from. These options fall under two categories of edging, serging, and binding. Surging is a stitched edge that tends to be the most popular type of edging and is commonly used. It’s usually used when customizing the floor mats. This is because serging edges come in many color ranges, including two-tone options. Binding types are smooth fabric edge, designed to make your car floor mats look a little classy. There are mainly three types of bindings: solid color bindings, the Saratoga bindings, and LA bindings. The solid color bindings comprise different color selections, the Saratoga ones include polka dots and stripes, and the LA bindings come as metallic or reflective.

3. Heelpads are safety gear for your floor mats

It’s not rocket science that your car’s floor mats will wear out due to constant feet pressures. The most affected area of the mat is the space under your right heel as the brake pedals and accelerators are located there. That’s why getting a heel pad with your custom floor mat is a smart decision. The heel pads protect your car mats from wear and tears with its ultra-thick carpeted pad that goes under the heel area of the driver’s seat. The heel pads are often made very durable to protect the mat and carpet underneath and protect itself—Rectangular or round shape, your choice entirely.

There you have it! 3 interesting yet useful facts about your custom fit floor mats. You can easily choose and design your custom mat without facing any hassles.

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